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План конспект урока с английского языка

P: C,N,Y Say the blue letters. What season is it now? What colour is this? TV gives us food for thought, introduces us to new ideas and activities. It is regarded as the latest addiction to trap thousands of people which has been blamed for broken relationships, job losses, financial ruin and even suicide. Задачи урока: практика в чтении, говорении; обобщение правил чтения в III типе слога, активизация лексики. It is no wonder that the 21st century is regarded as information age. Applause, please introducing the jury. Something that you watch on television or listen to on the radio programme 11. I think, the jury will be all eyes and ears to follow the contest and they will be helpful to score the points. Tell which of these things you do. We are beginning the next task: reciting the poems. Ask them What is this? Comment on the following pictures using the words in brackets. P: Black and orange. Учащиеся знают все понятия по теме Вы можете разместить ссылку на наш сайт: Школьные материалы. You are welcome to our competition "Miss English". Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Нappy birthday, dear Pete Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you I went to the Zoo I saw a fat monkey And I thought it was you. His presents — a perfume comic books a fur coat 4. Many people prefer the radio.

There are newspapers for professionals, for businessmen, for children and teenagers, for men and women, for sports fans, for those who are interested in gardening, fishing, hunting, for those who keep pets and so on.

With its help we can see everything with our own eyes. Цель урока: приобщение к сокровищам мировой литературы средствами английского языка Учитель: And today Alex will help me. Asking What colour is number 3? Give your arguments for and against the mass media. Explain your choice: I read a lot of newspapers and magazines. Our respected jury must do it. Read the following sentences and circle TRUE or FALSE:1 You will hardly find a newspaper which suits your interests. Student: The mass media include all the people and organizations that provide information and news for the public. Is it snowy today? Birthday, perfume, circles, turkeys. Соотнесите английское слово и перевод A cake танцевать An ice-cream подарок A parrot мороженое A present решать кроссворды To dance попугай To do puzzles торт 8. OK, the lesson is over.

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