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Remember to add UVW mapping plane now. We will use "Ridig Body Collection", "Point-Point Constraint", "Rope Collection" and "Motor". Now you can test simulation by hitting "Preview Animation". Go to modify panel, Chose "RB Collection" and add all "Point-Point Constraints". Press "Preview Animation" and press "P" from your keyboard. When it's OK press "Create Animation. Click on "Attach To DefMesh", select box for "Deformable mesh" and select upper vertex. Collection of data is voluntary but necessary to achieve the said objectives. Set Mass value to 5,0. We will need also two boxes next to our Spinning-wheel. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok. Select Spinning-wheel and go to "Property Editor". In this part I Will explain you how to make simple Lift. Personal data will not be shared with other entities. This time i will show you how to make curtain. Hit Ctrl + A to select all objects in scene and apply "Rigid Body Collection". I had prepared three tutorials about using reactor in 3ds Max. NOX is free software, even for commercial purposes. NOX Free renderer is a rendering software based on unibiased methods. Lift Last tutorial present the way to create simple lift. It's hard to keep accuracy when we want to do that manually because of lots number of objects. Select box and apply "Deforming Mesh Collection". I used "Deforming Mesh Collection" and "Cloth Collection". If it's OK press "Create Animation.

If everything is doing right close simulation Window and press "Create Animation" Button.

During making a spline, take care to put Vertex densely. Select box, hit "Open Property Editor" and mark "Unyielding". Set Air Resistance to 5,0. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND NIP: 542-291-02-99 ph. The data administrator is Evermotion SC, ul. You can download complete scene. Let's start from simple plane divided into 50 , 50 segments. Just Create Box divided to 1 , 1 , 15. Create simple coin model from Cylinder primitive. Set all values as i show bellow. You can download complete scene.

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Select floor and in "Property Editor" set Concave mesh.
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Set Mass value to 1,0 and Concave mesh.
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Select only coins and open "Property Editor".
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Set Mass value to 5,0.
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Hit Ctrl + A to select all objects in scene and apply "Rigid Body Collection".

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